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What some of the Greatest Record Producers in the world are saying about Mike


“Mike Johnson is a first call, first class steel guitar player.   Country, pop, rock, you name it, Mike can give you exactly what you need to take your music to the next level”

FRANK ROGERS – Produced “Brad Paisley” “Josh Turner” “Trace Atkins” “Darius Rucker"
Billboard magazine’s No. 1 “Hot Country Producer Award” winner from 2006-2010



“I consider Mike Johnson to be one of the most creative and soulful steel guitarists that I have worked with. Willie Nelson says Mike’s a cross between Jimmy Day and Buddy Emmons, and that's not a bad combination”

BUDDY CANNON Produced “Kenny Chesney” “George Jones” ”Willie” “Merle” “Reba”
Academy of Country Music (ACM) producer of the year 2006


“Mike Johnson is the most lyrical and inventive steel guitar player in the world, in my opinion.  He turns that insanely complicated instrument into a versatile pan-harmonium of sounds, textures and beautiful melodies.  We’ve used steel in the least likely places and the most unexpected ways.  Since we first worked together, I don’t think about “steel guitar” anymore.  Instead, I think about Mike Johnson and his Amazing Music Machine!”

BOB EZRIN Produced “Kiss” “Pink Floyd” “Alice Cooper” “Deep Purple” “Peter Gabriel”
Bob is one of the greatest Rock producers of all time