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Joanie Keller - It's Me Again

We put together a compilation of unreleased tracks that Joanie recorded for BBR (Broken Bow Records). You will find Mike playing STEEL, DOBRO or PEDABRO on 9 of these cuts. Joanie recorded “I’m Not Lisa” at age 12 (Mike couldn’t get out of school that day!). To hear Joanie sing “Don’t Touch Me” is worth the price of the entire CD. I’m sure you will enjoy this little musical journey with songs that reflect where she came from and her love of country music.

TRACK LISTING: 1. I’m Not Lisa 2. That’s All I Need (Small Town) 3. If Heartaches Had Wings 4. That’s My Life 5. We Don’t Have To Pray About That Anymore 6. It’s Me Again 7. When Heaven Seems A Little Too High 8. If That Were Your Kid 9. Don’t Touch Me 10. He Knows How 11. Little Sister