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Joanie Keller - Sparks Are Gonna Fly

This is the first record Joanie recorded with BBR (Broken Bow Records). She was definitely carving her place in Nashville as a “real deal” country music artist. The record includes her single “Three Little Teardrops”. You might remember this video that was highly requested on CMT. Mike produced most of the record and the songs are all really good. So many of the Disc Jockeys raved over Joanie’s beautiful voice and how she has those inflections like Tammy Wynette. It’s a great CD.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Run That By Me One More Time 2. At The Corner Of Walk And Don’t Walk 3. I Hope Fort Worth Was Worth It 4. Somewhere Over You 5. Grindin’ Wheel 6. I Quit Giving Up On You 7. Almost Over Me 8. Three Little Teardrops 9. Bigger Than The Both Of Us 10. We’re Not Finished Yet 11. I Didn’t Make This Bed For You To Lie In 12. The Story 13. He Don’t Love Me