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Rhythm Tracks with No Steel Guitar

This CD contains NONE OF MIKE’S STEEL GUITAR WORK on it. It’s used as an educational tool for other Steel Guitarist to play along with in the privacy of their own home. It’s also a great CD for the steel guitarists who are just learning to play. Since there is no Steel Guitar on the record, it’s like getting to play along with an entire band!

TRACK LISTING: 1. Columbus Stockade Blues 2. I Never Go Around Mirrors 3. Pickin’ On Paisley (The Fishin’ Song & Me Neither) 4. Together Again (vocals Joanie Keller) 5. Working Man Blues 6. Take These Chains From My Heart 7. Another Bridge To Burn (vocal Mark Johnson) 8. Joan Marie 9. Alabama Jubilee 10. Ode To Billie Jo