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Mike Johnson CD

Mike had just won his first ACM Steel Player of the Year Award in 2006, so he decided to record his first CD. It contains a great variety of songs including a Brad Paisley Medley that he had played on the original records. The Great Daryle Singletary is singing his version of “I Never Go Around Mirrors”; which is another record Mike played on. Also some great vocals from Mike’s wife, Joanie and his brother, Mark. I think you will really enjoy everything this CD has to offer.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Columbus Stockade Blues 2. I Never Go Around Mirrors 3. Pickin’ On Paisley (The Fishin’ Song & Me Neither) 4. Together Again (vocals Joanie Keller) 5. Working Man Blues 6. Take These Chains From My Heart 7. Another Bridge To Burn (vocal Mark Johnson) 8. Joan Marie 9. Alabama Jubilee 10. Ode To Billie Jo